8 Terrifying Tentacles of Lame

Showing Wednesday, March 12, 2008:


Directed by: Harry Essex

Starring: Pier Angeli, Kerwin Mathews, Jeff Morrow.

Running Time: 79 minutes.

Starts at: 7:00pm

Plot Synopsis: Strange things are happening in the mexican wilderness, drawing an American scientist and his assistants there to study the problem. It seems that high-level radioactive pollution on the watyerways has caused alarming mutations among aquatic life. Upon learning of the legend of a murderous half-man, half-octopus from the natives, the group sets out to capture the mutant. But the roles of hunter and hunted are quite different from Octaman's point of view, ad the expedition soon learns...

FYI, this was 6-time Oscar-winning makeup FX artist Rick Baker's first movie ever, he designed and created Octaman when he was 18 years old. So this is a career-launching film, keep that in mind.