You May Not Want to Give Thanks for This...



Plot Synopsis: The woods around Trauton Riverbend are cursed, the rusted cars and abandoned campsites tell stories of those who trespassed onto the campground and never came out. When Specter (Marshall White) convinces his friend Alexis (Suki Peters) to join his new film making friend Dean (Jaxon Stanford) and his crew, on the set of the latest horror film, no one suspects the true horror that awaits them. Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th) appears as Delbert Eaton the neighbor farmer who tries to warn the young film makers.

Bobby Ray Akers Jr. (Monsterpiece Theatre Volume II)

Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th, Terror Overload)
Suki Peters (Monsterpiece Theatre Volume II)
Jaxon Stanford (Raising The Bar, Jealousy)

Running Time: 86 minutes.

Film Facts:
-Ari Lehman played the young deformed lake-dwelling Jason Voorhees in the original Friday the 13th film.

Attendees: Brie, Cory, Long, Mike, Roger, Ryan, Stephan, Tim.

Movie Rating: 0/10

B-Movie Rating: 2/10 Stars

Standout Character: The Villain
Fulton Perkins (Played by Richard M. Novosak)
Absolutely no character in the film was a standout character. Many of them didn't even have names that were ever spoken, at least not un-garbled. Therefore, I have decided to randomly award the coveted Standout Character title to THIS GUY. That's right ladies, this one's for you. Drink him in. Ghost, maybe Zombie, sorta Amish Farmer-ey Cannibal kinda guy.

Top 8 Lessons Learned From This Film:
8. Your friend being killed on set is no reason to stop working on a college film project.
7. Bear traps are invisible, and strike just above the knee.
6. The director fleeing the filming location is no reason to stop working on his college film project.
5. Some independent film editors have attention spans of 3 seconds or less.
4. A human arm is filled with thin sliced luncheon meat. A human leg is filled with liver and marinated strips of beef.
3. Sometimes the police will simply "take" your car, and leave you to go about your day.
2. Characterization, story, lighting, sound, & continuity can just weigh your movie down-- don't bother with them.
1. When making a film about making a film, knowing how to make a film is unnecessary.