The Mandroid is a specialist in the field of Mandroid.



Plot Synopsis: Abbot Reeves is a renegade scientist who is conducting time travel experiments, plotting to travel back into time and rule the world. Reeves orders his latest creation, a former test pilot remade into a Mandroid, to be dismantled. Rebelling against his evil creator, Mandroid escapes with the help of Dr. Nora Hunter. Mandroid and Nora travel into the Mexican jungle where they go in search of Reeves' jungle fortress. Joined by Harry Fontana, a rogue river boatman and Kuji, son of Reeve's assistant Dr. Takeda, killed trying to help Mandroid escape. Mandroid and his companions set out to fight back against Reeves and stop him from achieving his goal, as he plans to travel back into time to the Roman Empire and become the Emperor, as part of his goal to rule the world.